Self-Care Summer: 6 Workplace Wellness Tips for a Healthy and Happy Summer

Self-Care Summer: 6 Workplace Wellness Tips for a Healthy and Happy Summer

June 20, 2023

Summer is here, and it is the perfect time to consider the health and wellness of your employees. Healthy and happy workers are more productive, use less sick time, and are more likely to influence the workplace positively. So help get your employees started on the path to a healthy and happy summer by following some of the summer workplace wellness tips below.

1. Sponsor Employee Sports Teams and Sporting Events

Let your employees know you are serious about their health and fitness by sponsoring their athletic endeavors. If you have employees that are part of a sports team, you should inquire about sponsorship or offer to match money raised by employees who participate in fundraising sports events for charities, such as 5Ks or similar fun runs.1

2. Review Your PTO Policy

Summer is the perfect time to review your PTO policy and ensure it is appropriate for the current work environment. Ensure that your policy includes ample sick time so employees will not feel like they have to work when they are not feeling well. You may also want to consider providing a PTO provision for employees to get health screenings, so they maintain their overall health.2

3. Offer Healthy Snacks

Don't make your employees rely on unhealthy food options in traditional vending machines. Show them you care about their nutrition by providing free healthy snacks in the break room that will help give them good energy boosts they may need throughout the day. If employees have to work overtime or are on a strict deadline, consider ordering in a healthy lunch.1

4. Help Pay for Gym Memberships

Many employees may prefer working out at a gym instead of at home but may find the fees unaffordable. Come up with a program that will cover the cost of gym membership at a nearby location or offer to pay a portion of membership fees each month for employees and have them choose their own gym.1

5. Bring in the Plants

Plants thrive even better during summer and are a great way to spruce up the look of the office. They also provide a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. You may want to consider plants that naturally clean the air, such as English Ivy, to help create a better environment for employees with respiratory issues.1

6. Consider Flexible Work Options

If your work setting allows for flexible work hours or remote work, consider offering it as an option. For some employees, working at different hours will fit better into their schedule. For others, ditching a standard commute and working from home is ideal for their physical and mental health. If these options are possible at your workplace, they may be worth considering as they will provide many employees with the work/life balance they want.2

Make employee health and wellness a top priority this summer by seeking creative ways to improve workplace wellness.

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